Advertising in BGBEN newspaper

Prices for advertising

On First page:  £ 3.50/
On 2-nd, 3-rd and Last pages: £ 1.60/
On 4-th, 5-th, 20-th and 21-th  pages: £ 1.20/
On all other pages : £ 0.80/
All pages are printed in full colors.


Size of the advertising:
10% off any 100 sq/cm or more advert
15% off any 300 sq/cm or more advert
25% off any full page advert

Number of publications:
10% off any 10 or more publications
20% off any 20 or more publications

Page layout

Offer „Small Box“

Easy and efficient solution to promote your business. For only £ 30 you are getting 4.2 х 4.2 сm. for 3 months period.


According to the news papers pages, your advert should have the following widths for each row:
– 4.2 сm.
– 8.7 сm.
– 13.3 см.
– 17.8 см.
– 22.3 см.
– 26.8 см.

Min. height – 2 сm.;    Max. height – 34.5 сm.

Technical info
Full colors
Single page size: 26.8 сm. / 34.5 сm.
Total pages: 32
Frequency: two times per month
Total editions per calendar year: 24
Rows per page: 6
Row width: 4.2 сm.
Space between each row: 0.3 сm.

Advertising in our website

Prices for advertising in WEBSITE

Putting an advertising banner on the homepage

Images format – jpg, png, gif
Flash images – swf

ADVERTISING BLOCK FIRST PAGE (contains 4 horizontal banners)
Dimensions of each banner
width: 270 px; height: 160 px resolution 72dpi
Monthly hosting – £ 50
10% discount for a prepaid period of 6 months
15% discount for a prepaid period of 10 months
25% discount for combined advertising in the newspaper and on the website

ADVERTISING BLOCK FIRST PAGE (contains 2 horizontal banners)

Dimensions of each banner:

width: 510 px; height: 340 px resolution 72dpi






PA EVENTS reserve the rights to change the advertising prices at any time with two weeks notices. All current contracts and advertising will not be affected.

Advert enquiries:

Ivelin Mitev    Тел. 078 8867 6471