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About BG BEN Media

BG BEN Newspaper is the biggest and most popular Bulgarian newspaper in the United Kingdom with trusted and established readership.

Our Approach to News, Advertising and Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Our Readers

It is printed bi-weekly (2 issues per month or 26 issues yearly) on 32 pages in full colour, in 6000 copies, printed in the UK. Roughly 90% of its distribution is spread among the most popular hubs of activity for the Bulgarian community in UK – shops, schools, offices, etc. Its copies are delivered to more than 100 locations in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Kent, Watford, Southampton and Stockport. The newspaper is available completely for free at its distribution addresses. BG BEN Newspaper is fully dedicated to the consolidation of the Bulgarian community, the professional advice on the daily community problems and fostering of better knowledge and understanding of life and work in the UK. The newspaper also prides in its excellent partnerships and communication with the local institutions.
BG BEN Newspaper was first printed in London on 30th March 2004. Its initial format was A4, printed weekly on 8 pages and supplemented by an additional 8-page insertion in English that was entitled ‘Bulgaria’ and was dedicated to the potential of Bulgaria as a tourist, business and property destination.
In June 2005 the newspaper changed its format to a standard tabloid, switched to bi-weekly printing period and expanded its pages number to 32 pages.
In November 2007, its 8-page section in English was converted into Bulgarian pages, followed by an increase in the number of printed copies and further growth of its distribution network that resulted in ranking the newspaper as the largest Bulgarian printed media in Great Britain.
Today the copies of BG BEN are depleted within a few days due to their detailed guide-type information and articles of practical value to the Bulgarian community. Its serial copy numbers are collected and stored in the households which gives extra edge to the newspaper as a powerful vehicle for advertising your offer to the Bulgarian community.
If you are interested in advertising with us, please email at: reklama@bgben.co.uk

Our Values

The pursuit of truth, facts and real positions is our goal. Our role is to present our audience with the best of the journalist practice.


Confirming and reviewing all facts before publishing.


Adding information from known sources for educational purposes


Getting all viewing points in one place, without compromising the quality.

BG BEN Media

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